I was stuck.

I had a dream, but I lacked a plan of action.

I did not have a plan tailored to my needs.

I was winging it and that didn’t work.

But in December of 2015, I attended a 3 day workshop that changed my life. It changed my life, because it challenged and changed my mindset. I walked away with new strategies to implement into my daily routine, that not only changed my mindset, but my results.

Change your mindset. Change your life.

I immediately began to implement the strategies that I learned into my daily routine. I did not see overnight results, but I was consistent. The biggest win was in my mindset.

I became more positive, more focused and more aware.

I became alert of negativity and I knew how to fight it mentally and emotionally.

The end result of my new habits were that my “then” goals became my “now” reality!

After two additional semesters of re-taking multiple courses, I finally graduated with my Bachelors of Science in Psychology.

I finished writing my 3rd book.

I became a more confident person. I began to love myself, flaws and all.

I moved out of my parent’s house and into my first apartment.

Despite unforeseen health and financial setbacks, I was able to maintain, overall, a positive mindset.

Not once did I allow myself to think, “Oh, I won’t be able to afford it” (bills, rent, etc.). That’s because, I’d put in the work to build a positive mindset. When negative thoughts pop up, I instantly recognize it, kick it to the curb and replace it with positivity.

Like most things, it takes practice and consistency to develop this habit. This list is not extensive, but each of those accomplishments were huge for me. With each of my goals, my faith was tested. Each of those goals saw victory, no matter how long it took.

Again, it did not happen overnight.

I thought, with what I’d begun doing, that I would graduate that first semester. Nope. One particular course I took in college, I failed 2 times! (3rd time was a charm). Yet, I continued doing what I’d started and eventually, I saw results.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your goals are.

What matters is that you are strategic, consistent and motivated.

Those three days changed my life, because it initiated a change in the way that I think. And, mindset is everything. So, once you shift your mindset, your whole life can change!

I have created a FREE webinar in which I will share with you the secret to slaying your goals! So many people set goals, but for whatever reason, don’t see it through to completion. We don’t just want to set goals, but we want to achieve them. Every goal that I’ve been able to accomplish, was because of one thing. Once you know what it is and how to use it to your advantage, then you have a shot at achieving all of your goals. It does not matter how big, small or meaningful your goal appears to be to anyone else. If it means something to you, then its worth it! So, click the link below to watch the webinar today! CLICK HERE


Set Goals & Slay Coaching


This coaching program is created to empower women to set goals and slay through coaching and teaching strategies to:

  • Shift your mindset from a negative to a positive success “growth” mindset.
  • To identify your passion and purpose in life. Then, to identify opportunities that will allow you to utilize both your passion and purpose.
  • To set strategic goals, create a plan of action that will allow you to successfully pursue and achieve your goals.
  • To identify and to eliminate limiting beliefs, that causes many people to give up on the pursuit of their dreams.

This Coaching Program is for you IF:

  • You are considering or seeking a career change
  • You are struggling to identify your passion, purpose or niche
  • You have a negative mindset that hinders you from pursuing your dreams
  • You have goals/dreams that appear to be impossible to achieve
  • You set goals but struggle to follow them through to completion

And, you want to:

  • Discover your passion and purpose in life
  • Achieve your goals and live your dream
  • Be more confident in  yourself and in your ability to succeed in life
  • Live your life operating in your God given purpose!

Vision of Set Goals & Slay Coaching LLC.

To see women successfully pursue their goals, live their dream and to ultimately live their life operating in their God given purpose.

Mission of Set Goals & Slay Coaching LLC.

To empower women to set goals and slay through mindset and goal success coaching; by way of teaching strategies to: shift mindsets from a negative to a positive success mindset, to identify one’s passion and life purpose, to set strategic goals, to create a plan of action and to identify and breakthrough limiting beliefs.

My mission as a coach is to empower you and assist you in clarifying, setting and achieving your goals.



How can we work together?

Discovery Call During this call, we will discuss your aspirations, passion + purpose and will identify limitations/limiting beliefs. We will discuss my mission, programs and whether or not one of my programs is a good fit for you. We will also discuss whether or not you would like to move forward with a program.

Passion and Purpose Discovery Sessions – 30 minute to 1 hour session(s) in which we will discuss and work through various worksheets, activities and strategies that will guide you in the discovery of your passion. Upon the discovery of your passion and purpose, we will brainstorm various ways to connect your passion and purpose together.

Also, we will identify various volunteer, career or entrepreneurship opportunities that will allow you to do what you love while generating an income. Additionally, I will assist you in creating a plan of action, so that you can begin to pursue your new opportunity of choice. I will be an accountability partner for you, by checking in weekly to discuss your progress and to address any questions and concerns that you may have along your journey to living your dream(s).

Goal Setting Strategy Sessions – 30 minute to 1 hour session(s) in which I will work with you to set strategic goals, create a plan of action, identify and break past limitations or limiting beliefs. I will be an accountability partner for you by checking in weekly to discuss your progress and to address any questions and concerns that you may have along  your journey of pursuing your goals and living your dream(s).

Mindset Mentoring – 30 minute to 1 hour sessions(s) in which I will work with you to develop a positive, success “growth” mindset. We will work together on various strategies that will challenge negative mindsets and provoke change in the perception of circumstances, which will have a direct affect on your behavior.

Laser Session – One session (with the option of  5 check-in “accountability” sessions) in which we will tackle a specific goal or concern that you have regarding the plan or execution of your goal(s) head-on.





Don’t want to wait until the Spring? No Problem!

I am offering Goal Success Strategy Sessions to help you:

– Get clear on what you want to achieve in 2020!

– Set strategic SMART goals.

– Create a Strategic plan of action!

Sessions begin Jan 13th, 2020 ( Saturdays & Sundays Only).



Meet Coach Kizzy

Your Goal Success Coach! 


I’m Kezia Marie and I am an empowerment author, spoken word poet and Behavior Health Technician. In 2015, I graduated from Grand Canyon University with my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. I’ve been working in the behavior health field for 3+ years. Initially, I started out working with adults diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness and I’ve worked for the past 2 years with at risk youth ages 10 – 18. I am also a certified life, solution-focused and goal success coach. I am the author of Brokennedy (Broken and Needy), Shout out to the World: The Spoken Words of a Floetic Soul and Empower  You! Mindset Transformation: A Daily Devotional for the Mind.

This is my story..

Growing up, I was extremely shy and socially awkward and therefore I did not make many friends. In grade school, I was so shy to the point where my only response was only to point/nod. I never said a word while on school premises. Not to my peers or teachers. Because of this, I experienced a lot of loneliness and rejection. That led to low self-esteem and poor social skills.

Throughout high school, college and even post-graduation, I struggled with depression and anxiety. Even as I began working as a Behavior Health Tech, working with adults with Serious Mental Illness and children, I was battling my own demons. All I wanted to do was overcome and help someone else do the same.

I overcame and I overcome each and every day. I had to work my way through some things. I had to let some people go, and I had to forgive others. I had to forgive myself, for not loving myself, for being too critical of myself. I could go on and on about all the things I struggled with, but what I’m here to share is this:

Today, my goal is to empower women to set goals and slay, to enhance their confidence, help them identify their passion and purpose in life and to eliminate limiting beliefs. Ultimately, I want to see you living your life operating in your God given purpose! My ability to come from where I was to land where I am now, is largely due to the shift that took place in my mindset, discovering my passion and purpose in life and learning to accept and love myself completely. Not only did I change from the inside out, but I began to achieve my goals as well. My mission is to help someone else to do the same. I aim to empower women to empower themselves; to set goals & slay!