This is my story – poetically.

This is my truth – transparency.

These are words of affirmation and breakthrough.

This is my lemons turned into lemonade.

This is evidence that you can face your demons and overcome your challenges.

This is proof that who you were does not have to define who you become and can indeed propel you into your God given purpose.



I was the shy girl who was bullied because I was so quiet. Throughout grade school, I always hung out alone. I never had many friends. This is a collection of poetry inspired by my experience with depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, suicidal ideation and discovering my purpose. While I am transparent about my struggles, I am coming through with a word of motivation and empowerment. God has blessed me to rise from the dark pit that I was in and now I am on a mission to inspire and uplift – To uplift you from your pit to a place where you are confident in who God has created you to be and walking in your purpose!




Please note: This is a collection of spoken word poetry in written format, inspired by my personal experiences. Spoken word poetry is written in free verse format with intent to be recited aloud or performed.


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