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7 Day Goal Slaying Challenge

92% of people who set New Year goals don’t achieve them.

That means only 8% do. Are you a part of the 8%?

Hi, my name is Kezia and I am a Goal Success Coach. I am on a mission to empower as many people as I can, to clarify, set and slay their goals!

Often times, we start out strong but for a variety of reasons we get stuck or give up. We do a good job at focusing on the reasons WHY NOT. But, we don’t put as much energy into identifying a solution.

I have created an opportunity for YOU to learn THEE strategy to clarify, set and achieve your 2020 goals.

Once you learn the strategy, you will be able to use it over and over and over again. No matter how big or small your goal APPEARS to be, the strategy works.

How so? Because the strategy IS flexible. It allows you to embrace trial and error, but provides the support and foundation you need to see your goal through to completion.

You don’t just need a goal. You need to clarify and set the right kind of goal AND you need a STRATEGY. Not just any strategy, you need the RIGHT strategy.

I have discovered and outlined a strategy that has allowed me to achieve many of my goals!

The reason many people fail to achieve their goals, is not because it’s impossible, but because they STOP pursuing the goal.

The strategy I have outlined will help you keep going when you “feel stuck.” I am ready to share THEE strategy with YOU!

Are you ready? I don’t want to be the only slaying some seemingly impossible – intimidating lookin’ dreams in 2020! 2020 IS going to be THEE year we step outside of our comfort zones and claim all the blessings that have our name on it. We will walk into the New Year with the right goals, the right plan and with the right mindset!

Note: This challenge is NOT about slaying your goals in 7 Days! It’s about completing 7 Steps that will have you SLAYING your 2020 goals, period. How do I know? Because, these are the 7 Steps that helped me SLAY my goals in 2017 – 2019.


Enhance my confidence and become more comfortable sharing my story, promoting myself and business on social media

Launched, promoted & sold many copies of my 3rd book!

I got started! Faced fear, broke through limiting beliefs, stepped outside of my comfort zone to.. finish my coaching certification, register & launch my coaching business

Left my comfortable job working night shift, where I was miserable and complained all the time and got a NEW job I enjoy with many opportunities for growth! All that, after countless interviews and rejections

✅ Traveled and checked something off my bucket list!

✅ Adopted a kitten and became a furr-mom!

✅ Paid off 1 of 7 students loans! Some progress is better than no progress

Last year I..

✅ Launched my 3rd book!

✅ Booked multiple radio/podcast interviews to promote my book

Before 2018 and 2019…

✅ Paid off credit card debt in full

✅ Graduated with degree in 5 and 1/2 yrs after failing and retaking several courses multiple times, losing scholarships and taking out $60k in student loans

Moved out of my parents home into my 1rst apartment paying $900+ just for rent + other expenses while working less than 40 hours a week making $10 an hour

✅ Overcame shyness and fear of public speaking

✅ Learned to manage my depression and anxiety in a healthy way

I’ve achieved many of my goals and you can too!

Joining the challenge is as simple as 1 – 2 -3!

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2) DOWNLOAD your Goal Success Checklist 

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Sign up today! Because, we’ll be checking our lists and checking them twice. We’re not playing about our 2020 goals!