The Uninvited Guests: When Anxiety and Depression Knock

Head sinks into a pillow soaked with tears Heartbeat’s thumping in my ears Chest tightens Body is tense I can feel every muscle in my body contracting Scattered thoughts Nothing makes sense anymore In this present moment I’m reliving past pain And tormenting myself with worry of the future Drowning in overwhelming sadness Longing forContinue reading “The Uninvited Guests: When Anxiety and Depression Knock”

The End: Hope After Wanting to End It All

I just wanted the pain to end.

For weeks, I’d been going through the motions, showing up where I was suppose to, when I was expected to, all the while hoping that someone would notice. I hoped that someone would notice the pain in my eyes or the strain in my smile. My smile was a mask to cover up the hurt and loneliness that I felt within.

Remember Who You Are

His name was Christopher. And, every day he was sure to greet me by pinching my skin and stealing my pencils and various school supplies from inside my desk. I would squint my eyes and glare back at him, but I never said a word. Kindergarten – 2nd grade Some days it was more thanContinue reading “Remember Who You Are”