What Are You Going to Do?

2019 was going to be the year that you FINALLY..

✔ Write & Publish your book

✔ Start your side hustle or biz

✔ Go back to back to school

✔ Apply for your dream job

✔ Stop Procrastinating

✔ Step outside of your comfort zone

Whatever your goal OR new year resolution was, 2019 was going to be THEE year to make it happen.. Am I right?

And today, as you look back on 2019, you ask, what happened? What stopped me from achieving my goal?

One of the 🗝 to slaying your goals is to keep going even when you get or “feel” stuck. But, you need to have a strategy or plan of action to help you do that. Not just a plan of what to do, when to do it & how, but a plan of WHAT to do when LIFE happens. Do you have a plan?

IF you need a plan, consider joining my 7 Day Goal Success Challenge!

When you join, you’ll not only learn the 7 Step Strategy I use to Slay my goals, but you also get to:

✅ Subscribe to my blog & get video content. Each day of the challenge I will post 1 video (1 video per step)

✅ Download your FREE 7 Step Goal Success Checklist

✅ Download your FREE Set Goals & Slay Workbook + Planner

JOIN the challenge & get ready to Slay your 2020 goals! 👇


✔ Enhance my confidence and become more comfortable sharing my story, promoting myself and business on social media

✔ Launched, promoted & sold many copies of my 3rd book!

✔ I got started! Faced fear, broke through limiting beliefs, stepped outside of my comfort zone to.. finish my coaching certification, register & launch my coaching business

✔ Left my comfortable job working night shift, where I was miserable and complained all the time and got a NEW job I enjoy with many opportunities for growth! All that, after countless interviews and rejections

✔ Traveled and checked something off my bucket list!

 ✔ Adopted a kitten and became a furr-mom!

 ✔ Paid off 1 of 7 students loans! Some progress is better than no progress

Last year I..

 ✔ Launched my 3rd book!

 ✔ Booked multiple radio/podcast interviews to promote my book

Before 2018 and 2019…

 ✔ Paid off credit card debt in full

 ✔ Graduated with degree in 5 and 1/2 yrs after failing and retaking several courses multiple times, losing scholarships and taking out $60k in student loans

✔ Moved out of my parents home into my 1rst apartment paying $900+ just for rent + other expenses while working less than 40 hours a week making $10 an hour

 ✔ Overcame shyness and fear of public speaking

 ✔ Learned to manage my depression and anxiety in a healthy way

I’ve achieved many of my goals and you can too!

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