The Truth About Your Life Purpose (Do You Understand the Assignment?)

Three essential lessons that I have learned this year thus far are:

1) People’s perspectives are influenced and shaped by their personal experiences in life. When people voice their opinions about things they are looking through lenses that are influenced by their personal experiences. People can unintentionally project their pain, their disappointment, their lack of knowledge or understanding on to your goals, dreams and aspirations.

2) We can unknowingly set ourselves up for disappointment by having unrealistic expectations of other people – Looking for them to support our vision, invest in our dreams and understand our purpose and assignment.

3) We will be tested to see if we understand our assignment.

God created each of us with a gift and a purpose. These are things that no one else can take away from us, unless we give them the power to. It is up to us to find our God given purpose and to pursue it. He has entrusted us with a purpose that can be used to shift atmospheres and change our lives and the lives of other’s for the better. We are responsible for protecting what he has given us. We are all birthed into this world with purpose attached to our lives. We are on assignment.

We are all on assignment. And sadly, many people live and die without fulfilling their purpose and therefore their assignment is incomplete. Someone’s breakthrough, someone’s victory, someone’s healing is attached to your voice, your story, your gift, your magic. The very thing that set’s you apart, that makes you stand out from the crowd is your magic. The struggles and challenges that we face in life are designed to mold and make us into who we need to be so that we can learn, grow and be effective in fulfilling our purpose in the earth.

We will be tested.

I wholeheartedly believe that God will put us through some tests to see if he can trust us with our assignment. And, there are different areas and aspects in which we can be tested. If we want to pass the tests, it is important that 1) We understand our assignment and 2) We understand that our assignment is more important than our limitations and unbelief in the possibility of our purpose being fulfilled and 3) Anybody can have an opinion based off of their perception that is shaped by THEIR life experiences. That is THEIR truth, not yours and should not influence your willingness to pursue your purpose. I believe that those are the very things that we will best tested on.

So, what do we need to have if we want to pass our tests?

1) We need to know what our purpose is.

2) We need to know our WHY.

3) FAITH and to stay connected to our source, our greatest resource, our creator.

Discovering my life purpose saved my life. In the moment’s I’ve most wanted to take my own life, I was reminded of the very reason why I shouldn’t. My purpose is beyond me. It saved my life so that I can change lives. My greatest why is to empower, not just motivate, inspire and encourage, but to give tools and strategies to those who are where I once was to be able to overcome and rise above self-hate, self-doubt, insecurity, etc. To position themselves to go out and pursue and fulfill their God given purpose. My purpose is my reason for living. It is what brings me the most joy and happiness in my life. Seeing other people win, thrive, do what they love, overcome their greatest setbacks and pursuing their purpose is everything to me.

I grew up the shy girl with a creative mind and talent for writing. I never thought that I would have a desire to stand in front of crowds of people and reveal my deepest, darkest secrets through spoken word poetry. I never thought that I would pour my heart out on the blank pages of multiple books that would land in the hands of readers who may need to hear exactly what God has inspired me to say.

It’s a bit blurry, by I still remember the moment my purpose became loud and clear to me. I was a teenager, sitting on my bedroom floor watching someone speaking on TV. I don’t remember who was speaking or what was said, but what I do remember is the voice that spoke clearly in my ear. It was like a flashback moment of my past, a revelation of what I am supposed to do. It was something like a day dream. What I saw wasn’t what was playing on the screen of the TV but rather in my mind. It was of me extending my arm down so that someone could grab ahold as I pulled them up. That’s when I heard something that struck a cord within me that said.. “That is what you are called to do.”

Discovering my purpose did not come with an instruction manual. It also did not come with one particular way in which I am to fulfill the purpose. My job is to keep an open mind and heart so that I am available to take on the next assignment when it arrives.

One thing that I have been challenged with recently is having faith in the vision, dreams and purpose that I believe with all my heart that God has given me. You may ask, how do I know that it was God given? Because 1) It calls me to step outside of my comfort zone over and over and over again and 2) It isn’t about me. It’s all about using my tests, trials and life struggles to help someone else get through theirs. Recently, I have found myself questioning my purpose and more specifically, my assignment.

The purpose attached to your life does not change but the assignment will. You have a purpose and then you’re given an assignment. Once you fulfill that assignment, then you’re given another.

I have found myself questioning whether or not I am meant to carry out the assignment that I am on at the moment because of the thoughts, opinions and perspectives of someone else. I now recognize that I am being tested. I have to remind myself that it was God who attached purpose to my life and trusted me with the assignment. For so long I was scared and I did not take a leap of faith to pursue it until just a month ago. Once I received confirmation I could not deny, that it was GO time, I knew I had to step out on faith and do the work.

I share all of this to say this. It does not matter who does not think that you should write the book, start this business, level up and pursue success in any area of your life. As long as YOU know your purpose, as long as YOU understand the assignment, then what anyone else thinks regarding the pursuit of your purpose should not matter.

Now, if it is someone who is placed in your life to support you, provide constructive feedback, mentorship, coaching, prayerful guidance and things of that nature, then that’s different. But, today, I’m talking about recognizing voices that are challenging you in ways that initiate doubt as it relates to your life purpose. There is a difference. Truth is, most people mean well, but can unknowingly, unintentionally project their opinions and advice on to you to sway you one way or another. It’s essential that we are aware of who we allow to speak into our lives because of this very thing. I have found myself questioning the timing of my assignment. I literally had to remind myself of HOW and WHY I stepped out on faith to pursue this next assignment.

We get a choice. I have a choice. I can either listen to the doubts that maybe this is not the right time. Maybe I should be focused more on other areas of my life. Or, I can remind myself of my WHY and keep going! I can remind myself who gave me the idea and the courage to pursue the dream. I can’t wait for a better time to pursue it, because someone out there needs the very thing I am to release and manifest, now.

We all have a purpose. Your talents, gifts and dreams can be attached to that purpose. Fulfill it. Someone is in need of what YOU have to offer. And, it is not for any other human to determine the what, why or how of that purpose OR assignment. Your family, friends, and even your significant other may not understand the assignment. And, that is OKAY. This can be a tough pill to swallow, because naturally we want their support and understanding. Truth is, that won’t always be the case. Guess what? You’ve got to keep going anyway.

So, my question to you today is, do you truly understand your assignment?

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Kezia is a published Author, Inspirational Spoken Word Poet and creator of Set Goals & Slay LLC. Kezia, a Phoenix native, graduated from Grand Canyon University in 2015 with her BS in Psychology. Post graduation, she has worked in the Behavior Health field with adults who have been diagnosed with Serious Mental Illness, as well as at-risk girls in a therapeutic group home setting. Kezia's goal is to motivate, encourage and inspire people to embrace who they are without shame, pursue their dreams and to live their lives operating in their God given purpose. She desires to see people happy, successful and thriving!

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