Float Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Relief: First Time Experience!

If you have been feeling overwhelmed, burnt out, stressed and you haven’t had “me time” in a long time.. I can’t wait to share this with you! I promise I don’t share this to brag – But, I have just experienced the most peaceful and enlightening hour of my life! And, I couldn’t have askedContinue reading “Float Therapy for Stress and Anxiety Relief: First Time Experience!”

5 Steps to Bouncing Back

For the past 8 days I have felt exhausted; physically, mentally and emotionally. Not only have I felt exausted, but I’ve felt uninspired and a lack of motivation. When I experience this, I like to take a step back and rest. I’ve used more hours of PTO than I’d like to admit. But, you know,Continue reading “5 Steps to Bouncing Back”

4 Things You Can Do Now to Prevent Burnout

Just like 2019 and the years before it, 2020 is off to a rapid start. If you set a new year resolution or goals at the start of the year, now is the time to gain momentum. It may seem strange that I would encourage this so early in the year, but I promise youContinue reading “4 Things You Can Do Now to Prevent Burnout”